Critical Condition by Nicki Edwards

sweet medical rural romance Australian author
Liam O'Connor wants a wife. Problem is, the type of woman he's looking for doesn't exist.

After years working as a paramedic in Sydney and living the bachelor life, Liam has had enough. He's convinced himself, and everyone else, that he's moved home to Birrangulla for a slower pace of life, but what he's really looking for is the woman of his dreams.

From the outside, emergency nurse Poppy McDonald lives a charmed life. Unfortunately, when she moved to the other side of the world to escape her family, all she did was swap one controlling environment for another. After Poppy's father dies, she returns to Australia to face her past. And her mother. But she has no intention of staying, and definitely not in Birrangulla.

When Liam and Poppy meet, there's an instant spark. Liam knows Poppy is the one even though she's carrying more than her share of baggage. But can he gain her trust and get her to look beyond her past? Or will the man Poppy left in the US return and ruin everything?

A sweet medical rural-romance for fans of Fiona McArthur, Melanie Milburne, Candace Calvert.

Hey! Here's my review.

An engaging, sweet medical rural romance.

I loved the latest installment of the Escape to the Country series. I enjoyed catching up with some of my friends from the earlier books and getting to know Poppy, the new girl in town. 

It was refreshing to see a man on the cover and to have the hero looking for love. I've devoured everything Nicki's written and I'm looking forward to the next one.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for and honest review.


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  • Format: ebook

The Art of Keeping Secrets by Rachael Johns

#lifelit contemporary women's fiction Australian author
Little secrets grow up to be big lies…

They’ve been best friends since their sons started high school together, and Felicity, Emma and Neve share everything … or so they thought.

But Flick’s seemingly perfect marriage hides a shocking secret which, with one word, threatens to destroy her and her family’s happiness. Emma is in denial about a potential custody battle, her financial constraints, the exhaustion she can’t seem to shake off and the inappropriate feelings she has for her boss. And single mum Neve is harbouring a secret of her own; a secret that might forever damage her close-knit relationship with her son.

When the tight hold they have each kept on their secrets for years begins to slip, they must face the truth. Even if that truth has the power to hurt the ones they love, and each other.

Perhaps some secrets weren’t made to be kept.

Hey! Here's my review.

The Art of Keeping Secrets has now overtaken The Patterson Girls as my new favourite Rachael Johns book. This fabulous contemporary fiction novel follows the lives of three women, who have been friends for years but are each keeping secrets.

I giggled, I teared up, I kept turning the pages. The only reason I didn't finish it sooner was that I put all my books down for a few days so that I could flit around the Romance Writer's of Australia conference, soaking up the love, and get to meet Rachael Johns in person (*waves* hi, Rach). 

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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Use Your Words: A Myth-Busting, No-Fear Approach to Writing by Catherine Deveny

writing tips advice guideWant to write? Got a memoir, novel, blog idea or screenplay in your back drawer? Need to get ‘unstuck’? This is the magic pill you’ve been looking for.

In Use Your Words writer and comedian Catherine Deveny reveals the secrets that have made her ‘Gunnas’ writing masterclasses sell-out successes around the country. With humour and passion, she explains the struggles all writers face and reveals how to overcome them.

Whether you’re already published or just starting out, writing for others or purely for self-expression, Use Your Words has the tips, tricks, techniques and honest truths to get you writing. You’ll learn how creativity is a like a vending machine, how writing is like a magnet and how not to die with your light inside you.

Wait no longer – smash through procrastination and fear and get those words on the page.

Hey! Here's my review.

Honest truths with a side of humour.

A motivational book for writers to help battle the writing blocks of fear and procrastination. Whether you're an established or aspiring author, fear of failure, fear of judgment and procrastination can hold you back. Catherine takes a blunt and humorous approach to help guide you through these obstacles. This guide has a "this is what worked for me" attitude rather than "my way is the only way that works". I found this refreshing and will happily cherry-pick the advice that suits me best.


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Alice-Miranda at School by Jacqueline Harvey

Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennigton-Jones can't wait to start boarding school. When she arrives at Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies, the adventure begins . . . only not quite as Alice-Miranda expects. The minute she sets foot on the school's manicured grounds, she senses that something is wrong: Miss Grimm, the headmistress, is nowhere to be seen, the gardens have no flowers, and a mysterious stranger seems to be hiding out on the premises. 
But that's not all. Some girls are mean and spoiled, like Alethea Goldsworthy. Can Alice-Miranda defeat Alethea in one of three difficult tests she must pass to remain at school? Will she discover Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale's big secret--and make things right? Well, if anyone can, it's spunky Alice-Miranda! 

Hey! Here's my review.

**Interview with my 5 & 7 year olds** (spoilers)

Me: What did you think of this book?
5: *Two thumbs up action*
7: *Ten fingers action - repeated*
Me: Twenty what?
7: Twenty Awesomes

Me: What was your favourite bit?
5: Everything
7: When Alice-Remander jumped to the inclusion the er ... something-a-bob about ... I forget ... Having the idea of talking to Miss Something-a-bob about something ...

Me: Why was that your favourite?
5: I need to think about ... Just because.
7: Because I thought it was really cool that the principal got reunited with her husband after they had a big fight or something.

Me: Would you like to go to a boarding school?
5: *nods*
7: *crosses arms in front of body* says "dum dum" forebodingly
5: I really want Tommy to go to the same boarding school as me so I can say hi to him.
7: But then Mummy won't pick us up and we'll have to stay there.
5: Maybe I decide I didn't want to go to boarding school.


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Fast Forward by Juliet Madison

time travel chick lit
Aspiring supermodel Kelli Crawford seems destined to marry her hotshot boyfriend, but on her 25th birthday she wakes in the future as a fifty-year-old suburban housewife married to the now middle-aged high school nerd.

Trapped in the opposite life of the one she wanted, Kelli is forced to re-evaluate her life and discover what is really important to her. Will she overcome the hilarious and heartbreaking challenges presented to her and get back to the body of her younger self? Or will she be stuck in the nightmare of hot flushes, demanding children, raunchy advances from her husband, and hideous support underwear forever?

Hey! Here's my review.

A fun chick lit story with a time travel twist.

I related more to the 50-year-old future life of Kelli than I did to her immature self-centred 25-year-old life and hoped that she would realise its value and make the right choices to take her there. I found Kelli immature and annoying at the beginning of the novel, which gave her great scope for character development. 

A fun, quick read. I'm looking forward to reading more of Juliet's books.


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